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M oving, let’s not sugarcoat it: it’s a big thing. Most of the time we move based on necessity. It could be the result of a new job relocation, upsizing, downsizing, growing family, separation, financial constraints, retiring and the list goes on. In addition there are several emotional aspects that accompany a move that extend beyond the black and white reasons for doing so. Regardless of the reason(s) there are things that can be done to make a moving experience far less stressful, even making it pleasant and exciting.

As logical as these suggestions may sound, overlooking just a couple of them could lead to potentially frustrating unpacking experiences, difficulties finding items resulting in it taking longer than it should to get settled in and launch a new chapter in life. The primary objective of moving is to relocate your personal belongings from point A to point B safely and effectively so that life can resume to normalcy and feel like home.

There are things that can be done to make a moving experience far less stressful, even making it pleasant and exciting

Here Some Helpful Moving Tips for You:

Each of these tips will help you better plan and be fully prepared for the big moving day. Some tips may be more beneficial than other as some may be more relevant to your particular circumstance than another. Consider that Transport EZ-Move can help in some or even all of these tips with our White Glove Service!


1. Box Sizes: What do we mean by box sizes? Depending on the size of the move you may end up with 20, 30, 40 or even 50+ boxes! Those boxes need to stack properly and remain secure during the displacement and transit so it’s very important that you limit box sizes to no more than three. As much as it may seem like a good, cost-effective idea to ask various sources for boxes in the end it may result in more difficulty when moving them, poor stacking of them and even may damage the items inside all of which result in more costs. If you’re unsure about where to get boxes just give us a call, we carry all the packing material you’ll need!

2. Room by Room: Pack each room individually, don’t mix up or regroup boxes together in another location until you’ve completed packing the entire room. The reason for this are simple, it allows you easy access to things you may have packed that you realize you need immediately. Even if this makes the departing address look cluttered it shouldn’t matter for the moment, what matters is the accuracy of organizing your belongings.

3. Identifying Boxes: Sounds like a no-brainer but often overlooked or done incorrectly. For starters boxes need to stack well (refer to No. 1) so that means that identifying a box will have little to no value if done on top of the box. It’s important to identify the boxes all on the same side, if very rectangular on two sides. Don’t use too much detail when identifying boxes; mark the name of the room they are to go in and a priority number. For example: KITCHEN 1. The “KITCHEN” tells the movers what room to put it in at the arriving address and the “1” tells you that it’s essential to everyday life so unpack it first. (1: ESSENTIAL,UNPACK FIRST | 2: Non-essential, can unpack later | 3: Misc. room items, unpack last). Also avoid putting too much detail in a boxes description, remember that it’s important for you to know what’s in a box, not everyone else.Lastly indicate which side is UP on the box if not already indicated on the box itself.

4. Use Wardrobe Boxes: The time it’ll take to pack a closet into boxes should not be underestimated. You need your clothes daily, so packing them too early before the move date can become a daily annoyance and there may be time constraints if packing them too late. The solution is the use of Wardrobe Boxes! It takes minutes to pack an entire closet as-is in a Wardrobe Box and just as fast to put them back up at the arriving destination! Our fleet of trucks come equipped with Wardrobe Boxes for complimentary use and can always be purchased. When using Wardrobe Boxes for essential every-day clothing your immediately functional at your new home.

5. Triage of Your Stuff: Everything you pack and move comes with a cost; the time it takes to pack it, the space it occupies during transport and the cost of physically moving it from location A to location B. A move is an opportunity to evaluate your inventory of personal belongings acquired through the years. Before packing something decide if it’s something you still need, practically or emotionally. If not set it aside, perhaps it can be donated to charity, sold or passed on to another member of the family or friends. Think of the move as being a fresh start.

6. Weight and Packing Material: Balance the contents of each box for weight; use sufficient packing material for padding of each box so that the contents are limited in shifting within the box during its transport. Avoid combining items of significant weight with fragile ones, for example don’t pack plates in the same box as wine glasses or crystal. When assembling and sealing a box use sufficient tape on both the top and bottom and use the proper box tape. Do not assume every tape can work, as strong as duct tape may be it will not adhere properly to cardboard, and if masking tape is all you have avoid using it as it will break and not hold when it comes time to move the box. Remember that transport insurance will not cover the contents of any box that was not packed by the mover, therefore it is important to ensure that each box you pack it padded, protected and sealed with strength.

7. Unload Instructions: The first step of each move should begin with you touring the departing address room by room with the moving team leader. The team leader will evaluate the items in each room and take note of any instructions provided regarding the identification of items and their priority. Since big pieces of furniture and major appliances occupy the most room in a truck, all boxes will usually be last to be loaded or will occupy gaps within the truck body to maximize space. When arriving at your new home, again tour each room with the team leader and provide instructions so that each piece of furniture and box can be delivered to its proper room with identifiers visible when and if possible.

8. Mattress Bags: Use mattress bags for every bed being moved without exception. Transport EZ-Move provides a complimentary mattress bag for every bedroom at the departing address. Should you require supplemental mattress bags they are available from us during or before the move itself, please contact us for more information? A mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture you own, it’s sanitation during a move is important in avoiding an unwanted contamination at your destination address. Let’s not forget that a mattress can also be a significant investment that should remain protected at all times.

9. Food & Drinks: In many cases it is not always recommended to plug a fridge that has been moved until 24 hours after its displacement. There may also be cleaning required in your destination address that will prevent you from immediately unpacking upon arrival. These circumstances may require planning of meals during the downtime you may have to standard kitchen functionality. In the case of families packed meals should be planned the day of or before the move so that everyone is well fed and in tip-top shape. Pack light snacks and if possible keep a cooler handy with cold drinks and water.

10. Coordinate Access: This is not something that should be overlooked if moving into a multi-unit building. Retrictions may apply to specific hours during the day in which movers have access to the property, elevator reservations with protective padding and even designated truck parking for unloading. It is very important to coordinate these items with either the building you are moving into and/or out of. Once you've secured these details communicate them to our fleet dispatcher so that crews are alerted to accomodating all building requirements and scheduling accordingly. 

What You Can do if You Need Help:

If you’re not quite sure where to begin, have little to no time to get things done and need help planning and preparing for your move please consult our White Glove Service that can take care whatever it is you may not be able to.

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